Delivery Information

      1.     We deliver only in Japan by SAGAWA OR JP POST Takkyubin Company.

      2.     Delivery is by Cash On Delivery (Daibiki). Payments for delivery cannot be made with a credit card.

      3.     Delivery should be in no more than two days. (Sorry this is not available to Hokkaido, Okinawa & any remote island.)

      4.     Some of our items (mainly the fresh foods) are in high demand so it may take 2 to 3 days to process the order if a particular items is not in stoke.
              In that case we may call you to discuss about possible options.

      5.    We offer                                                  {Free Delivery on orders over 10,000円 in value.
                                             (TOKUSHIMA,KAGAWA,EHIME,KOCHI Free Delivery on orders over 11,000円 in value,
                                YAMAGUCHI,HIROSHIMA,OKAYAMA,SHIMANE,TOTTORI Free Delivery on orders over 12,000円 in value,
             KAGOSHIMA,KUMAMOTO,NAGASAKI,MIYAZAKI,FUKUOKA,SAGA,OITA,HOKKAIDO Free Delivery on orders over 13,000円 in value)

                      Sorry this is not available to Okinawa or remote island.} This is also not applicable if you purchase only calling card of 10,000円

      6.    If there is any problem with the quality or quantity, please inform us within 6 hours from the time of delivery by phone or mobile (e-mail request is not accepted).
             Sorry but after 6 hours we cannot accept any return request. 

      7.    Sometime Price may vary depending on weight for a particular product. In that case we will call you to discuss about possible options.

      8.    Sometime the exact brand that you have ordered may not be available and usually we replace it with a very similar product.
             In that case we will call you to discuss about possible options.

****If you provided us any wrong information like wrong phone/mobile number or wrong address then we will not take any responsibility
 for any kind of inconvenient situation. so please be careful when providing your information.****
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